Temple B'nai Israel, Amarillo, Texas

Robert P. Davis, Architect

revised 13 February 1997

The thicket of trees has been cut down to reveal the latest home of a congregation which began meeting formally in 1913, built its first building in 1927, and opened this one in 1968.

Removing the roof (but not the roof structure) one can see the arrangement of class and service rooms around the prow-like sanctuary and social hall behind.

This charming rendition of the old place is all that's left. The original blew up in a boiler explosion some time after it was sold by the congregation.

While the first Temple building has been torn down, the school wing completed in 1951 remains in use as the Unity Church. The old WWI-era neighborhood is coming back to life as a result of a community renovation effort.

Amarillo is an interesting city with a discernible personality, and is home for a wide variety of individual personalities such as Stanley Marsh (natural gas fortune and Cadillac Ranch). Jews have been around since the earliest days, contributing to the commercial, now professional life of the city.

The trees have now been restored to show the Temple building as it usually appears.

Virtual Restoration of Small-town Synagogues in Texas