Shaareth Israel, Lubbock, Texas

Robert P. Davis, Architect

revised 17 October 1996

In 1985 the Lubbock Congregation, armed with a large donation, free land, and considerable optimism, built a new building at the edge of town. As the population nears 200,000 and the economy diversifies as a regional center, young-to-middle-aged professional families have all but replaced the merchant-founders of the Jewish community.



This thoroughly modern, rational machine for the delivery of religious services has been embedded in its site. Two stained glass walls, produced by a local artist, embellish the sanctuary.

Norma Skibell, a life-long resident, has written a history of the Lubbock Jewish Community. Plans to remodel the old Temple downtown were abandoned when the Feldman family (whose father was the first person buried in the Jewish cemetery) made a large donation towards construction of a new building.


Virtual Restoration of Small-town Synagogues in Texas