Beth Israel, San Angelo, TX

Robert P. Davis, Architect

At one point in its earliest days all the land of San Angelo was owned by a Jewish developer. Since that time Jews have figured prominently in the commercial life of the city and the region. (L. P. Ray, Leon Fine, Nathan Stool, Dave Goldman, and others participate in the 1928 groundbreaking. The building was dedicated on March 24, 1929.)


The basic building is typical of the pre-WWII era and very similar in structure to Laredo.
What they lack in specialized function rooms common to the modern "complex" they make up in intimacy and clarity of design.

The light in the upstairs sanctuary is especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset during the equinoctical periods of the year. Communal Yom Kippur break-fasts were often held in the basement social hall; the tempting smells usually wafted up around three o'clock in the afternoon.

The windows are notable for two reasons: the glass design and colors are particularily beautiful and they open!

Long-time residents remember the original sanctuary ceiling and walls being covered with paintings. At some point they were painted out leaving only this circular souvenir.

Past and present residents discuss the history of the town amidst current renovation and repair. Although no qualified minyan has gathered here for years, services are still held even if only one person shows up.

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